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Dunce Hat:
Turn on the shows in the boy's locker room.

Pumpkin Head:
Smash all the pumpkins in the boiler room.

Unlockable costumes:
Once you complete the requirements for the clothing, they're automatically thrown in your closet, in all your safehouses.

Wrestling Uniform:
Beat Gym 1.

Tiny Swimsuit:   
At the Beach House location, find the Preppie with a blue mission on the beach and beat his swimming time

School Mascot:   
Beat 'Nice Outfit' in Chapter 4.

Red Ninja Outfit:   
During Halloween (must be done during Halloween) at Bullworth Academy, complete the Big Prank task

Prison Uniform:   
Beat all the detention mini games at least once.

Pirate Hat:   
Beat up pirate on island near Beach House.

Orderly Uniform:   
Complete 'Finding Johnny Vincent' in Chapter 5.

Jimmy's Skeleton Halloween costume:   
Beating the mission 'The Candidate' will open up the mission 'Halloween' which unlocks the costume.

Grotto Master:   
Collect all G&G cards.

Green Ninja Outfit:   
Hit stuff with projectiles (eggs, etc.) 1000 times.

Gold Suit:   
Buy all clothing in the game.

Gnome Costume:   
Smash all garden gnomes.

Firefighter's Helmet:   
Pull the Fire Alarm 20 times

Fast Food:   
Complete the Burger Joint errand found in Bullworth Vale.

Edna Mask:   
Destroy 19/19 Tombstones during Halloween

Dunce Hat:   
Go to the boys locker room in the gym and turn on all the showers.

Crash Helmet:   
Place 1st in the Kart Race at the Carnival

Boxing Outfit:  
Beat either 'Boxing Challenge' or 'Prep Challenge' in Chapter 2.

BMX Champion:   
Complete one of the bike races.

Black Skate Shoes:   
Travel at least 50.00km on foot

Black Ninja Outfit:   
Fill up your yearbook completely.

Hints, Tips & Tricks:

Easy money:

Successfully complete all the challenges in the gym. You can now repeat a challenge at any time. Start one, go up to the line, then press Circle to jump. Press X to throw while in mid-jump for easy knockdowns.

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