Buffy the Vampire Slayer Xbox Cheats

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How to defeat scylla:
When trying to save angel scylla will challenge you (again).but this time she will not run away .first locate the three colored keys(red,blue,green).when you have found all of them go into the training room scylla will tranform into a demonic snake ,first,hit until she is knocked down real good ,to make sure of that do a power kick,then find a rectangle shaped button,it will have small blue rectangles inside it ,press it ,when demonic snake scylla wakes up run towards the center of the room ,she will burn and turn to dust.then after that a short movie will start,if not open the door opposite to where you came in.if you want a surprise don't skip through the movie.

How to beat the boss the vampire that turns into a slug:
Push the diamond buttons on the wall and it opens the window on the top and sides so lure the slug into the light when she has low health and she will burn to death

More Arenas for Arena Mode:
Go to the EXTRAS menu and press Y, Y, White, Black, Black, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, White, Black.

Infinite Slayer Power:
While in the extras menu press yyy, bbb, ywb, bwy. This code works for single player as well as arena mode.

Infinite Health:
While in the extras menu press ywb, bwy, bbb, yyy. This code works for single player as well as arena mode.

Dark Buffy:
While in the extras menu press bwy, ybb,wbb, wbb,wbb,bww. This code works for arena mode.

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