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Cheat List:
Go to extras, then codes. Enter these in:

Ball Trail Always: enter ON ONFIRE
Beach Ball: enter BOUNCY
Double Unleash Icons: enter PIPPED
Stamina: enter OFF NOTTIRED
Two Player Co-op: enter CHUWAY
Unlimited Clash Icons: enter CLASHY
Unlimited Unleash: enter BIGDOGS

Gamerscore Points:

Whale - 25:
Get 0,000 in one Campaign mode game.

Underdog - 15:
Beat the Nightmare in Hard Difficulty in Quickplay when utilizing the
Grizzlies or Hammerheads.

Passing - 15:
Prevail in the passing title with your rookie.

Thief - 15:
Make 7 turnovers with your veteran in a Division Season in Campaign mode.

Fingers - 20:
Get 200 receiving yards in any Campaign mode game.

Top Dog - 6:
Beat an online foe with your Campaign mode custom team.

Shutout - 10:
Complete one shut out game in Campaign mode.

Scrubs Champ - 25:
Complete Division 3 in Campaign mode.

Elite - 50:
Prevail in every game in Campaign mode.

Rushing Champ - 15:
Prevail in the rushing title with your rookie.

Romo - 25:
Inflict 3 or more injuries to your foe in a single Campaign mode game.

Special Teamer - 25:
Return a punt for a goal in a Campaign mode game.

Receiving Champ - 15:
Prevail in the receiving title with your rookie.

Ground Attack - 17:
Prevail in a game by only running the ball.

Pwnage - 50:
Prevail in 25 games online.

Playmaker - 5:
Acquire a 90+ yard touchdown in Campaign mode.

Ownage - 20:
Prevail in 10 games online.

Mexico - 11:
Get Mexico out of the game with a game-ending injury.

Manvalanche - 15:
Acquire 12 sacks in one Campaign mode game.

Mad Bank - 20:
Acquire ,000,000 dollars online.

LT - 25:
Complete 20 sacks with a veteran in one Division Season.

Juicey - 15:
Get both Rookie and Veteran up to an A+ ranking during Campaign mode.

High Roller - 15:
Acquire 0,000 in one Campaign mode game.

Headhunter - 10:
Beat Julius Williams out of the game.

Gunslinger - 6:
Toss at least 6 TD passes in a single game in Campaign mode.

Groundhog - 35:
Acquire 200 rushing yards in any Campaign mode game.

The Great Show - 15:
Acquire 24 points in a quarter in Campaign mode.

Adept - 10:
Complete every Training Camp task.

Dominator - 10:
Beat the CPU in a bonus Quick Play game of Domination.

Division 2 Champ - 70:
Finish Division 2 in Campaign mode.

Deep Pockets - 10:
Acquire 0,000 dollars online.

Pain - 14:
Beat 10 online foes with your Campaign mode custom team.

Butter Fingers - 10:
Beat the CUP in a bonus Quick play game of Butterfingaz.

Buffet Victory - 30:
Prevail in a Quick Play game with every team.

Bombing - 13:
Prevail in a game by only passing the ball.

Arsenal - 9:
Acquire 19 points in a quarter in Campaign mode.

Air Supremacy - 20:
Get 400 passing yards in any Campaign mode game.

End - 150:
Finish Campaign mode.

Bling - 25:
Buy every piece of bonus equipment that is unlocked after you have completed

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