Big Mutha Truckers Xbox Cheats

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Level Select Cheat:
Enter LAZYPLAYER at the cheat menu.

Money Cheat:
Enter LOTSAMONEY on the cheat menu.

Unlock All Cheats:
Enter CHEATINGMUTHATRUCKER at the cheat menu.

Unlock Evil Truck:
Clear the 60 Day Trial By Truckin' mode and win the race to Big Mutha Trucking HQ.

Get Automatic Nav - Input USETHEFORCE
Get Diplomatic Immunity - Input VICTORS
Get Evil Truck - Input VARLEY
Get Fast Truck - Input GINGERBEER
Get Infinite Time - Input PUBLICTRANSPORT
Get Level Select - Input LAZYPLAYER
Get Bonus levels - Input JINGLEBELLS
Get Small Pedestrians - Input DAISHI
Get Toggle Damage - Input 6WL
Get Tons of Cash - Input LOTSAMONEY

Get More Time:
Input the code: PUBLICTRANSPORT.

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