Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Xbox Cheats

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Unlockable: Weapons
Hold down left and right bumpers and enter RIGHT, DOWN, UP, LEFT, LEFT.

Unlockable: Brigadier General
You must win 12 Medals, 19390 Points, 85 PPH.

Unlockable: Colonel Rank
Collect 11 Medals, 16070 Points, 80 PPH.

Unlockable: Chief Warrant Officer
You must collect 5 Medals, 3700 Points, 50 PPH

Unlockable: Corporal
You must collect 70 Points and 15 PPH.

Unlockable: First Lieutenant
You must collect 7 Medals, 6560 Points, and 60 PPH.

Unlockable: Five Star General
You must collect 15 Medals, 32000 Points, 100 PH.

Unlockable: Lieutenant Colonel
You must collect 10 Medals, 13150 Points, 75 PPH.

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