Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II Xbox Cheats

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Cheat Men:
Hold LEFT TRIGGER + RIGHT TRIGGER + X + Y + A + B, Press START to unlock the Invulnerabilty and Level Warp menu.

Cheat: Level-Up:

Unlockable: Extreme Mode:
To unlock Extreme Mode, beat the game once. Extreme Mode requires a saved character to play.

Unlockable: Play as Drizzt and Artemis:
To unlock Drizzt the Drow Ranger, beat the game on any difficulty. To unlock Artemis the Human, complete the game on Extreme Difficulty and start a new game. Move the cursor to Alessia Faithhammer and then press DOWN once for Drizzt and DOWN, DOWN for Artemis.

Hint: Duplicate Items:
Start a new game with a character, earn some money, gems, armor, or whatever. Then save, start another new game with a different character and save the second character in a different slot. Load the save with the character you want to play as, and then import the second character as Player 2. Have Player 1 drop everything you want to duplicate. Player 2 picks it up. Then remove Player 1 and save with Player 2 in the second save slot. Reload Player 1's save. You still have all the items. Import player 2 from save 2, have Player 2 drop all the items picked up the first time. Player 1 picks them up, then remove Player 2 and re- import Player 2 as often as you want.

Hint: Gather An Army:
You can temporarily create a small squad of skeletons with the Necromancer, if you're willing to do some work. After summoning a skeleton, save the game. Immediately load that save game (the skeleton will be there) but you may summon another skeleton. Again, save and load the game to summon yet another skeleton. You may do this until you've got number of helpers needed.

Hint: Purchase loads of EXP:
You'll want to have a lot of gold before giving this one a shot. When you talk to Omiduil he will tell you about your past and you will get experience each time you do so. What you do need to do is save your game twice, once before you talk to him and once after you talk to him. Load the game where you haven't talked to him, and import your character from the game where you have talked to him. Repeat process of paying gold for EXP points. This will also work with the Cleric when she talks to the priest of helm.

Hint: Weight Loss:
If you've been adventuring for even a short amount of time, you've probably racked up enough Rejuvination and Health potions to club a possessed rat to death. Well, if you play Ysuran, you should obtain his Alchemical Lore spell. Besides being very practical, changing potions from one type tp the other, it also has a very hidden use. A healing potion weighs half a rejuvination potion. If you've picked twenty rejuvination potions and you turn them all into healing potions, you've saved a respectable ten pounds.

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