Alien Hominid Xbox Cheats

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Gamerscore Gamerscore:

Alien Training - 5 Gamerscore:
Complete level 1-1.

WMD - 20 Gamerscore:
Get 5000 km in Super Soviet Missile Master.

Survivalist - 25 Gamerscore:
Stay alive in any challenge mode for 20 minutes.

Flawless Flight - 30 Gamerscore:
Defeat the last Boss without using a continue.

Mad Hatter - 20 Gamerscore:
Get all 31 hats.

Death Spree - 15 Gamerscore:
Slay 1,000 foes during one game.

Juvenile Alien - 10 Gamerscore:
Complete the game on Easy Difficulty.

Insatiable Yeti - 10 Gamerscore:
Consume 50 KGB Agents with the Yeti.

Head Biter - 20 Gamerscore:
Head chomp 50 foes without touching the ground or shooting.

Expert Alien - 20 Gamerscore:
Complete the game on Hard Difficulty.

City Destroyer - 10 Gamerscore:
Demolish 25 buildings during a single game.

Adult Alien - 15 Gamerscore:
Complete the game on Medium Difficulty.

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